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    Xu Zhangyan, came to our company for investigation and study
    From:Magellan Datatime:2021-03-25 Click rate:90

    This morning, Xu Zhangyan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to investigate and study in Liuheng. Zhang Li, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee, Yao Guoping, executive deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Hong Bi, director of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and He Guozhong, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and head of the management committee, deputy director of the Management Committee Lv Hui, Bai Xiyong and other leaders accompanied the investigation.



    In Zhoushan Magellan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Zhangyan and his party had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the person in charge of the company on the current production and operation of the company. Xu Zhangyan pointed out that the government should gather multiple forces, actively create a good environment for the government and the market to work together, increase its efforts to analyze and supervise the source of sludge pollution, and effectively solve corporate problems.


    Xu Zhangyan and his entourage also came to the Fodu Village Convenience Service Station, visited the existing infrastructure and functional layout in the station, and inquired in detail about the current population, land resources, economic income and welfare of the elderly in the village. At the same time, it is required to re-improve and re-upgrade Fodu laver according to actual needs, enlarge and strengthen the Fodu laver brand, and enhance market competitiveness. In addition, Xu Zhangyan also visited and condolences the city's woman pace-setter, representatives of Donghai fishermen and families in need.